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What is fashion jewelry?

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Author : perry
Update time : 2019-07-10 11:28:00

What is fashion jewelry?

The so-called popular jewelry is: new style, easy for consumers to accept, and quickly spread and prevailing jewelry. In foreign countries, there are one or several Hu jewelry every year. There is a saying in the consumer market of western society: "Fashion is beautiful." It is often the appearance of a popular product, will set off a heat wave, and immediately swept the market.

Popular jewelry is multi-purpose copper,iron,aluminum,alloy,stainless steel,lead zinc alloy makes skeleton,inlay the imitation gem thay makes with artificial gem,class product,plastic,product in large quantites through the machine,process with newest craft manufacture,the jewelry thay makes can reach even the place thay is authentic.

Popular jewelry is divided into color popular, style popular, material popular, popular, popular and so on.

Color popularity refers to the color of jewelry in line with people's requirements for color, and has a great relationship with the international fashion color.

Style is popular refers to popular style tends to a certain characteristic. For example, in recent years, jewelry design is popular, bold and unrestrained, ring is also fashionable bold design. The so-called coarse refers to the bold design, work is excelsior.

Material popularity means that the materials of popular jewelry have certain tendency. For example, American designers recently created a series of paper earrings and accessories that have sold well since their launch. The target market was intended for teenagers, but it is actually popular among all ages.

Functional fashion is a new concept and trend of thought in jewelry fashion. In order to be convenient for customers to use, modern jewelry is often designed to be multi-purpose. Some jewelry even not only decorative value, there is real life flavor. for example, gemany in recent years made a new type of earrings, earrings on the pendant has a removable, only a bean big alarm watch, weight only 10 grams, before going to bed, the pendant can be removed, dial the clock to get up time.

Category popularity means that people have a special preference for a certain kind of jewelry in a period of time, so that this kind of jewelry is popular in the society for a while. For example, shoulder ornaments are very popular in the world in recent years. This kind of jewelry is usually matched with fashion jewelry. The jewelry is decorated on the shoulder of time. The individual is large, and the color and luster flickering and drifting with people walking around are pleasing to the eye.

To sum up, the popularity of popular jewelry is due to certain social, economic, cultural and other factors.a few have foredeeing jewelry designer.Often according to these factors, the launch of a batch of a batch of different content of popular jewelry.

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