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Stainless Steel Jewelry

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Author : Perry
Update time : 2016-06-23 11:31:00
Stainless steel jewelry is a very special metal jewelry, texture is very tough, but it is very corrosion resistant, it will not be like silver jewelry will become black, also will not be like copper and so on jewelry easy allergy, more will not be like alloy jewelry because of lead and toxic, and stainless steel jewelry always at room temperature for life to maintain its own color.Stainless steel jewelry from inside to outside the same material, and through artificial sweat body test, its characteristics, completely non-corrosion, and resistance to strong acid, strong alkali, no discoloration, no fading, no allergy, no deformation, hard, bright.Is completely to the human body will not produce any side effects and no harm to the green high-grade environmental protection accessories.

Stainless steel is more than 60 years development course of modern material, since in recent years started to stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel is the image of the modern materials and accessories excellent reputation in the applications of, as long as steel grade choose correct and appropriate processing, maintain appropriate, stainless steel jewelry will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear and tear, make its competitors envy.

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